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Image Credit: Pasadena Star News

Image Credit: Pasadena Star News


ChefBox was created by Albert Chu and Patricia Huang, two of the original team members behind the 626 Night Market, to address the needs of both local chefs and consumers in the community. After identifying a gap in the to-go meal options market in Southern California, the duo came up with the idea of matching top-quality local culinary talent and hungry consumers with a straight-forward, efficient storefront concept.

Patricia Huang runs the largest summer night food festival in the USA as Live Marketplace and Vendor Management of 626 Night Market for 6 years to date, managing market economics and logistics of 200 vendor booths per event, managing menu items across all events and working closely and supporting chefs during their startup. With her unique experience and knowledge in managing vendors and entrepreneurship within the massive (100,000 customers per event) events, she created a guidebook Selling at Events and Festivals: An Insider's Guide from Top Veterans to further help the chefs and small entrepreneurs succeed in the events space. Together with Albert, she had co-spearheaded and broke the world record for World’s Largest Cup of Boba Tea, which news coverage reached as far as China and Taiwan.

Albert Chu ran the Special Projects and Operations divisions of the 626 Night Market for 3 years, designing and building memorable landmarks that gave customers various meeting focal points and photo opportunities. These special projects include Lantern Lanes draped above the event fairgrounds, an 8’x8’ 626 Night Market branded cube at the entrance of every Night Market, dozens of free-standing walls used for mural art battles, and the World’s Largest Cup of Boba Tea. He also worked with Patricia to standardize marketplace operations with training manuals for the section managers, maintaining excellence in event operations after his departure in July 2014.  While he was working with the Night Market, he was part of a full-time leadership development program at Baxter Pharmaceuticals, where his various projects streamlined operations in numerous functions and won global excellence awards.  

The 626 Night Market is the largest summer Asian food festival in United States and a local cultural icon. Hosting more than 200 food vendors and 100,000 attendees per weekend event, the 626 Night Market has become a mainstay in the local culinary community while also receiving national attention from media outlets including the New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, NPR, Huffington Post, NBC, ABC, and more.