Use our graphic designer to edit the mealbox sticker labels! Use only for text edits and minor graphics changes.

Each label change occurrence should be around $5-10 each, depending on time it takes for our designer to make the changes. Allow 3-7 days for job to be complete.

Please keep short & sweet. Has to fit in a small space. Double check for typos.
Please list ALL ingredients, including ingredients of any sauces on the side. Capitalize all ingredients in the list.
Please keep short & efficient. Include “Remove lid and sleeve before heating” on the first step of instructions. If there is a plastic sauce cup, also include removal of sauce cup (or not if sauce cup is microwaveable).
Contains: *
Allergy information. VIP to be careful.
Any inaccuracy in weight can get fined up to $10,000 per violation by the Weights and Measures department. It's better to estimate a lower weight number to account for weigh variability of your dishes. They don't fine if your mealboxes are over the weight listed.
Like, "Manufactured at: kitchen address, Los Angeles, CA 91101"
So the designer can make the sheet of appropriately sized labels.

Nutritional Fact Label 

Step 1: Please generate your label information HERE (It's FREE!)

Step 2: Copy & Paste the information below

Starting from "Serving Size" all the way down to "Potassium".
So the designer can make the sheet of appropriately sized labels.