Availability of dishes in-store will vary, as some dish offerings will rotate or sell out due to the chef-crafted & small batch nature of the meals. Call us at (323) 364-3061 to find what's available.


Chef Joe & Robin from ChanaMana || Inspired Thai

Chef Joe and Chef Robin are a brother and sister culinary team that have brought the beautiful and bold flavors of Bangkok along with them to Los Angeles. When they were young, they loved helping their grandmother make her from-scratch dishes in the kitchen. Today, they keep up the traditions that their beloved grandmother taught them back in Thailand by using fresh-picked herbs and ingredients. They make their own curry paste using their grandmother’s incredible recipe. One of their favorite ingredients to dish up is riceberry, an exclusive specially-bred strain of super healthy rice created by the late King of Thailand himself which is both non-GMO and gluten-free. With an array of world travel experiences under their belts, this dynamic chef duo aims to dazzle and delight with their worldly culinary wisdoms melded with the freshest ingredients prepared with authentic Thai flair and homemade Thai love, like grandma used to make.

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Chef Kiki from KleanLA || Premium Healthy

Chef Kiki lets her Southwestern roots shine through in her clean cuisine. Part Mexican and full-on Texan, she’s the head chef behind KleanLA, a premium meal delivery service that specializes in creating organic and sustainable meals from locally sourced and 100% gluten-free ingredients to recreate comfort food favorites with a deliciously healthy twist. Her ground-breaking idea was fueled by her passion for cooking for her personal trainer husband’s clients and grew into a mission of helping people eat clean (or rather, “klean”) without compromising on taste. With the Southwest running through her veins, bold flavors that revolve around citrus, spices and coconut milk instead of heavier and unhealthy ingredients is how she creates her culinary masterpieces, changing the way people view clean eating one delicious “klean” meal at a time.


Chef Jocelyn from Buttermilk House || American Classics

Meet Chef Jocelyn, a chef with a passion for catering and creating culinary delights that are well-balanced and healthful while being hearty and comforting. Chef Jocelyn was just 9 years old when she first began her adventures in the kitchen, trying to follow her mother’s instructions to cook dinner for the family. It was that early start that gave her a taste for cooking and propelled her to Le Cordon Bleu where she graduated with honors. Prior to becoming Head Chef at Buttermilk House Catering, her diverse career began with fashion and food-driven retail at Williams-Sonoma, being an Executive Chef, and even working with some highly notable chefs like Wolfgang Puck. With a list of experiences that reads more like a novel, Chef Jocelyn brings her French training to the table while incorporating healthy and wholesome ingredients to make delicious ChefBox meals for you.


          Chef Luis from Old San            Juan Catering || Modern Puerto Rico

Chef Luis is Puerto Rican and living in LA for 28 years as a professional chef. He started his career at Patina and worked himself up in different kitchen until becoming an executive chef (one of the kitchens was Jennifer Lopez's restaurant Madres in Pasadena!). He also owned a Puerto Rican restaurant in Atwater Village. Now he does catering and also work as a Food Stylist for TV and film such as Westworld. In addition to these endeavors he also host wine tours in Mexico near Ensenada.


Brian Nguyen from B Nutritious || Healthy Fitness

Chef Brian from B Nutritious knows all about healthy cooking and fitness. He was active in high school football, Thai boxing, and even competed in a physique competition. What he learned was that it all comes down to the ingredients you fuel your body with and one thing that makes a difference in having a fit healthy life is a healthy, balanced meal.  He learned how to make very healthy meals that were well-balanced and nutritious without sacrificing taste. What began as meal prep service cooked from his own apartment turned a runaway hit and he moved his kitchen out of his apartment and became B Nutritious. With B Nutritious, Chef Brian’s mission is to bring fresh, healthy and incredible-tasting foods to the table.

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Chef Cat from Pot & Ladle || Organic Soup

Chef Cat from Pot and Ladle has a unique mission to spread good health through hearty, healthy, nourishing and amazingly delicious soups. It all began several years ago when her father unfortunately became very ill. Chef Cat was determined to nurse him back to good health by filling him up with her healthful, organic and non-GMO soup concoctions to help him recover more quickly. From there, she decided to share her soup with the rest of Los Angeles by ladling up her nutrient and flavor-rich soups regularly. Focused on seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients, Chef Cat hopes to overflow every bowl with her sensational soups that do more than taste incredible – they help keep you healthy too. Her rotating variety of body-nurturing, soul-soothing soups will make you a fan from your very first slurp!


Chef Guillaume from La Cuillère Gourmet || Modern French

Chef Guillaume is an authentic French-born chef who has had a passion for the art of creating culinary masterpieces and French patisserie. Diving into the chef world over 23 years ago, he learned from the best chefs in Europe including Dominic Toulousy and went on to train at Lycee Professional de Blagnac in France. Once he graduated, he jumped right into the frying pan as the supervisor for over 100 cooks and the overseer of food and beverage for Le Jardins de L’opera hotel. From there, his culinary career continued to blossom, leading him to the role of executive sous chef and then his eventual move to Los Angeles in 2001 where his goal was to bring his traditional French culinary talent as well as explore American culture. From Figaro to Crustacean to Maggie’s Santa Barbara, Chef Guillaume delighted the palates of diners during his time in the kitchen. He credits his success to having surrounded himself with talented people with a passion for food which helped him fine-tune his techniques. Now you’ll find him at Copenhagen Pastry in Culver City creating delightful pastries, breads, and cakes that will truly steal your heart away.

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Chef Maithy from Ai || Inspired Vietnamese

For Chef Maithy, composing food that is beautiful for the eyes, soul and palate all in one, is a pure reflection of her world travels. A symphony of perfectly-presented flavors, Chef Maithy takes her experiences from living and working in Paris, Hong Kong, Osaka, Tokyo, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, along with her travels to Italy, Brazil, Peru, Australia, and most of Asia and melds them together so spectacularly that the cuisine she creates impeccably makes a statement without uttering a word. Growing up in a home where cooking was synonymous with love, she uses her culinary expertise to demonstrate her care for others. Drawing from her former award-winning product engineer experience, the energy she puts into every dish truly shines through with multicultural touches woven through to make unique and incredible meals for an unmatched dining experience.


Asha Noodles || Taiwanese Noodles

Serving up 40 years of ramen tradition, Asha began creating noodles for distribution back in 1977 from a small noodle factory in Tainan, Taiwan, using a 100-year-old family recipe. The unique process Asha uses from the other varieties of ramen noodles involves a special air-drying process. This special process, coupled with the top-notch ingredients used to make it, results in the best quality ramen noodles that have continued to grow in popularity with every passing year. Once only found in Taiwan, these spectacular ramen noodles by Asha made their debut stateside in 2011 in a small supermarket on the West Coast. While staying true to its original recipe and flavor, it remains a small-batch-produced ramen that has become famous for being one of the Top 10 Noodles of the World. With one taste, it’s easy to see why Asha has wrapped its noodles around the hearts of everyone worldwide.


Chef Yvonne from Yvonne's Vegan Kitchen || Gluten-Free & Vegan Desserts

Chef Yvonne Ardestani proves that vegan and gluten-free cooking is absolutely delicious.  She develops veganized and de-glutenized versions of the “classics” and of recipes she learned in culinary school and professional restaurants. All of her recipes are vegan, refined sugar-, gluten-, soy- and dairy-free, and, best of all, devoid of refined ingredients. Chef Yvonne is a classically trained French chef, former restaurant cook under Chefs Suzanne Goin and Breanne Varela, and now a wellness chef. Yvonne is very passionate about and dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle, nutrition, helping the environment, and protecting animals from cruelty while still eating deliciously.


Chef Chari from Ensaymada Project || Filipino Specialty Dessert

Chari Heredia-Reyes grew up in a bustling household in Manila where fruitcakes and pastries were lined up by the hundreds during the Christmas season. As the ninth of eleven children, Chari helped out at her mom’s seasonal undertaking of bringing such goodies and cheer to friends and family. 

Chari settled in California with her husband and CIA chef, Ramon, raising four children. Despite an active teaching career, Chari’s passion to bake still called.  She decided to take on the challenge of adding ensaymadas to her repertoire of baked goods. The ensaymada was a special treat that Chari’s mom had made exclusively for family Christmas dinners. It involved a tedious ten-hour process, so the few dozen produced were savory treasures.  

The current, commercially sold ensaymadas do not do justice to the true, centuries-old pastry. After years of work on recipe adjustments, Chari’s ensaymadas are now proudly perfected and available to all through Ensaymada Project. In the words of a seasoned customer: “It is what a Filipino ensaymada truly should be.”

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Chef Sherry from Kazi & Co || Human Grade Gourmet Dog Food

Chef Sherry is a self-taught chef who drew big influences from her surroundings in the Taiwanese food scene bustling with night markets and 24/7 service. In her family, love was expressed by food, something that nourished her soul inside and out. Once she moved to America, she found that in addition to love, food was about bridging the cultural gap, finding common ground even with differences in languages. With her fantastic culinary skills, she was always dishing up nutritious and fresh meals. Her love of her two dogs, Mur Mur and Mimi, got her thinking of ways to explore making nutritious meals for the canine side of her family. After consulting with veterinary professionals and experimenting with human-grade ingredients, she soon found a new niche and a way to express her love for animals by treating them to quality foods that were safe for them, nutritious and won the approval of her own dogs. Kazi & Co. was started by Chef Sherry to help other dog lovers take good care of their furry family members with real foods that don’t have ash or other fillers so they can eat like real family too.